Testing & Consultancy
  Polymer Processing, Compounding,  Product Design and Simulation related  Testing and Consultation facilities.

  Polymer Characterization and Testing  related facilities.

  Chemistry Related Testing facilities.

The Polymer Engineering Department of Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune has been hosting “Affinity” a national level paper presentation competition since 2003. It is an event “of the students for the students, by the students”. Students from all over the country have been participating in this event over the years. Along with “Affinity” other events, technical as well as non-technical, include product development, poster presentation, movionics.

“Confluence” is a confluence of the industry and academia, where people from the industry interact formally and informally with the students and faculty as well. The academia-industry interaction helps the students in understanding the latest trends in the industry. It also gives them an idea of what is expected from them when they enter the industry after graduation.    Read More...