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"Affinity" and "Confluence"--Student's Perspective:-

Imagine an army of dedicated students working day-in and day-out. They are on a mission, and a dream to make the impossible, possible. Such is the scenario when students of Polymer Engineering Department of MIT, Pune start working on the much awaited and most enjoyable annual event “Affinity and Confluence”.

A two days event and one of its type, but the blood and sweat of more than two months. It may seem simple but believe us it is no child’s play. The passion of the students overcomes every possible obstacle as they work in a team. The event and the different committees are headed by the final year (B.E.) students while the third year students act as the backbone of the team. Not to be left out, the second year students also work their hearts out. All in all, the entire family of Polymer Engineering Department can be compared to a body head (B.E.), backbone (T.E.) and legs (S.E.).

What do all these students get in return of all the hard work? - memories. The memories of the event are too difficult to lose and too dear to forget. You mention the word “Affinity and Confluence” to any of our alumni and a smile appears on their face. The book worm leaves no stone unturned in attending each and every paper presentation; while the back benchers get along with people to create fond memories; for these are going to be cherished for a long long time.

Hours of brain-storming goes into the event. Interacting skills, contacts, self-confidence reach a new level during the sponsorship activities. Even the introverts get a good opportunity to lift their spirits before they enter the industry.

The dictionary meaning of “Affinity and Confluence” aptly describes the mood amongst the students.
It’s a beautiful atmosphere where students and teachers walk hand-in-hand towards fulfilling a common objective- an objective to convert dreams into memories and an objective to take Affinity and Confluence to new heights. “Affinity and confluence 2017”, gives all of us, an opportunity to take the battle to the next frontier.