Testing & Consultancy
  Polymer Processing, Compounding,  Product Design and Simulation related  Testing and Consultation facilities.

  Polymer Characterization and Testing  related facilities.

  Chemistry Related Testing facilities.

Polymer Processing, Compounding, Product Design and Simulation related Testing and Consultation facilities:
Injection molding of tensile, impact and heat distortion test specimens as per ASTM standards.
Profile milling of ASTM samples from sheets for Tensile and Impact testing.
Injection molding Job work.
Injection mold design and manufacturing of small and medium sized molds.
Design of injection molded products using Simulation Software.
Injection molding Process parameter optimization.
Film Extrusion for various materials.
Extrusion die design using Simulation Software.
Extrusion Process parameter optimization.
Manufacturing of small and medium sized extrusion dies.
Composite product design using Simulation Software.
Compression molding facility and design of compression molds.
Manufacturing of small and medium sized compression molds.
Blow molding Job work.
Design of Blow Molded products using Simulation Software.
Thermoforming Job work.
Design of Thermoforming Molds using Simulation Software.
Laboratory scale rotational molding facility to assess the roto-moldability.
Compounding for laboratory scale evaluation of material using internal mixer Twin Screw extruder and single screw attachments of Brabender.
Rubber compounding using two roll mill.
Compounding of highly filled thermoplastic and thermosetting systems.
Design, formulation of PVC compounds for various applications.
Pipe burst – short term and long term - testing  facilities.
Polymer Characterization and Testing related facilities
Computerized Izod and charpy impact test facility as per ASTM standards, dart impact
testing for films.
Computerized Tensile testing facility as per ASTM standards.
Determination Volume, surface resistivity and breakdown voltage.
Determination of Vicat softening Point and Heat Distortion Temperature.
Determination of coefficient of friction.
Determination of Melt Flow Index (MFI).
Determination of Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR).
Identification of polymers using FTIR.
Chemistry Related Testing facilities
Analysis of alloy (Determination of elements/inorganic compounds and their percent composition).
Water analysis (Hardness – Ca, Mg contents, Cl - & SO4- content – in terms of CaCO3 ppm equivalence, alkalinity).
Purity of different organic and inorganic compounds.
Analysis of cement.
Acid number and ‘SAP’ value of an oil.
Aniline Point, Pour Point, Viscosity Index, Flash and Fire Point, Neutralization Value, etc. of Lubricating Oil.